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When your child reaches middle school, eye movements are more refined for accuracy at near and distance. Did you know your child’s visual comfort levels help improve his or her self-confidence? Many children will try their hand at sports while in middle school. Playing sports requires tracking ability, body and eye coordination. Better agility leads to playing better which can enhance your child’s confidence level.

Monitoring your child’s visual developments is all in preparation for their life ahead. The visual demands of college can be quite stressful on a teenager. While in college, your child will have to deal with a higher level of reading. This requires making their eyes work harder by reading more material, focusing and tracking words in less time while trying to formulate interpretive thinking. Visual accuracy is imperative at this point. As your child is preparing to enter the beginning stages of his or her adulthood, continuing to monitor their vision through regular annual examinations remains an important aspect of your child’s growth.

The same can be said after we graduate college and enter the work force except now the responsibility shifts to ourselves as individuals. As your children mature into independent adults, your role in the early stages of their visual development will impact how they maintain the health of their eyes. As adults, being aware of the visual demands and stresses our jobs may impose on our eyes is based on the skills we learn and develop as children