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 Healthy vision is important as you pursue a  degree, begin your career, and raise a family. Eyestrain is a common in today’s visually demanding world. A typical college schedule or office workday involves spending long hours reading, working at a desk, or staring at a computer. Incorrect viewing angles and improper reading or working distances can cause eye strain.

Some symptoms of eyestrain:
•Sore or tired eyes
•Itching or burning sensations in the eyes
•Sensitivity to light
•Dry or watery eyes
•Difficulty focusing

•Computer Adjustments
To minimize eyestrain position the top of your computer monitor below eye level so
you look slightly downward when viewing the screen. Take several minutes every hour
to look away from the computer and allow your eyes to re-adjust

Presbyopia, is the result of losing the flexability inside the eye. This flexibility allows the eye to change focus. Options are available to counter the affects of presbyopia. They include:
•Eyeglasses, single vision reading glasses and multifocal lenses
•Contact lenses, monovision and bifocal lenses