What Are People Saying About Us?

“Dr. Porter’s education and her unwavering care was exactly what I needed. She not only knows her job but is very kind-hearted and cares about every single one of her patients. She will not stop until she knows what is going on with you.”

Brenda, Idaho Falls, ID

“I have three boys age 16 months, 5, and  7 years old.  I was impressed by her ability to change her tone and her activities to fit the age and intelligence of each child she was working with.”

Rachel,  Ammon, ID

“My son had been getting blood shot eyes frequently and we had no idea what was causing it.  I was not anticipating getting an answer to the redness, I thought she might say something like allergies….but she was much more perceptive, and gave us tips to alleviate his eye strain.”

Patients for Life,  Idaho Falls, ID

“Dr. Porter is a caring eye care professional.  My oldest son has received vision therapy from Dr. Porter. She evaluated him and gave me activities to do with him so that his skills began to improve.  All of my children get excited when they see her in public.  She shows a true interest in the kids and their activities, and they know it.”

Edie,   Idaho Falls, ID


Focused Eye Care for Children and Adults