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Dry Eye Treatments


Many people think that having dry eyes is a normal part of the day and are surprised to hear of the many treatment options available. Dry eyes can be a serious ocular condition that can affect vision long term. It can be brought on with certain medications, environmental factors, or just slowly develop over time. The problem with dry eye is that if it is left untreated it causes inflammation in the eye and progresses until some intervention happens.
For the majority of people that experience occasional dry eyes, artificial tears can be enough to treat the symptoms. Some worry that they can become dependent on these eye drops, but studies have shown that we continue to make the same amount 

of tears whether we are using them or not. They help lubricate the front surface of the eye and alleviate the symptoms. At times, though, it can be more serious and require a more in-depth evaluation and intense treatment.
There are two main types of dry eye and are usually both present to some degree. Aqueous deficient dry eye is when not enough tears are produced which can leave the eye barren and dry. The second type is evaporative dry where the lipid layer (the top layer of the tear film) isn’t well formed. The lipid layer is important in keeping the tears from evaporating and drying out. There are many different ways to target each type including prescription drops, warm compresses, eyelid scrubs, and many more.
The best thing to do in order to prevent worsening of symptoms is to have a comprehensive eye exam and determine the cause of the dry eye. We can customize your treatment so that the problem area is taken care of and you can enjoy comfortable clear vision.