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Comprehensive Eye Exams

A•B•See Vision Care offers a comprehensive eye exam where, in addition to testing for visual acuities, we perform a thorough screening of each eye to check for potential health issues like diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts. If you have diabetes, we will send an Eye Evaluation Report to your Primary Care Physician stating the results of the dilated eye exam.

Children's Examinations & Eyewear

Healthy eyes and vision are a critical part of your childs’ development. Their eyes should be examined regularly, since many vision problems and eye diseases can be detected and treated early. The American Optometric Association recomends children receive regular eye care before the age of one, again at age three, and just before the child starts school. As an InfantSee provider, A•B•See Vision Care will perform a free vision screening for all infants under twelve months of age.

Contact Lens Services

Contact lenses are a convient option for those who would like to change their appearance.  When compared with glasses, contact lenses typically provide better peripheral vision and do not collect moisture such as rain, snow, condensation, or sweat. These properties make contact lenses ideal for sports and other outdoor activities. Contact lens wearers can also wear sunglasses, goggles, or other eyewear of their choice without having to fit them with prescription lenses or worry about compatibility like they would with glasses.  A•B•See Vision Care offers a wide assortment of contact lens brands and fits regardless of the reason. In addition, our doctors are experienced in difficult contact lens fittings for patients with dry eyes, astigmatism, or who require bifocal contact lenses.

Glasses & Frames

We recognize that contact lenses are not for everyone, and glasses may be required. A•B•See Vision Care offers an assortment of functional and stylish frames and lenses to fit every style and budget. In fact, it’s becoming quite trendy to wear glasses as part of an overall look!

Here is a list of some brands we carry:

                Helium Paris                Legre Collectons             Rough Justice            AV Studio                       Iota Collections
                Michael Stars               Danny Gokey                  Nina Ricci                   Laura Ashley Girls         Float Kids
                C by L'amy                   Laura Ashley                   Miraflex                      Visions                           Y-Sports
                Op                                Columbia                         Calligraphy                 OpKids                           Nicole Miller
                Viego                           IZOD                                L'amy Paris                 Lucky Brand Kids          Clearvision
                Anne Taylor                 Junction City                   Columbia Kids             Lucky Brand                  Converse Kids
                Ellen Tracy                   Erins World                     BCBG Maxazia           Sihouette                       Converse
                Fashiontabulous          Marc Ecko                       Adidas kids                  U Rock                          Digit
                B.M.E.C.                      Dilli Dalli                          Adidas                         Modz Kids                      Smith               
                Jessica McClintock      Quicksilver                      Port Royale                 Modz                              Pez Kids Eyewear Collection
                Bebe                            Alexander Collection       Modern Collection      Genesis                         Jessica McClintock Girls
                Jungle Animals            Genevieve Boutique       Joseph Abboud           Jungle Juniors               GVX
                On Guard Safety         Genevieve Paris Design Cole Haan Coll.           Hilco Safety                   Anne Klein Collection
                Flexon                          Flexon Kids                     X-Games                    Nike                               Marchon
                Nine West                    Michael Kors                   Lacoste Kids               Lacoste                         CK
                AutoFlex                      Tres Jolie                         U Turn                        Roxy                             Café Lunettes
                Kids Central                 Cashmere                       NRG                           Club Level Designs       Durango Series

                Smith                           Adidas                             Suncloud                     Nicole Miller                  Michael Kors
                Tres Jolie                    Ann Klein                         Serengeti                     Bolle                             Bolle Sports Division 
                Bolle Kids                    BCBG Maxazria              Ellen Tracy                  Cebe Kids                     Cole Haan
                Lacoste Kids               Marc Ecko                       Nike                             Izod                               Jessica McClintock 
                Converse                    Columbia                         Nike Kids                     BeBe                             Ann Taylor
                Nine West
Surgery Co-Management

Our Doctors routinely screen patients for laser refractive surgery (LASIK) and can answer most questions regarding the procedure. We can refer you to a local qualified eye surgeon for the procedure and provide you with all of the necessary pre- and post-operative exams.

Medical Treatment for the Eye

We can provide patients with necessary medical treatment when it comes to your eyes. Our Doctors are licensed to diagnose and treat conditions including eye infections, seasonal allergies, dry eyes and minor injuries to the eye. These services are likely covered under your medical health insurance plan.

Vision Therapy

Some visual conditions cannot be treated effectively with glasses, contacts, or patching alone and may require Vision Therapy. Vision Therapy is like “physical therapy” for the eyes and brain. Vision Therapy is an individualized treatment program designed to help the two eyes work together better as a team. Our Doctors use specialized optical devices, therapeutic lenses, prisms, filters, and computer programs to train the eyes.

Children as well as adults can benefit from Vision Therapy with visual challenges such as:

•Learning Related Visual Problems
Vision Therapy can help build the necessary visual skills for effective reading, writing, and learning. These skills include focusing at near, eye-teaming, eye-tracking, hand-eye coordination, and visual processing.

•Convergence Insufficiency (common near vision problem)
This is a disorder that can affect a person’s ability to read, learn, and work at near. A child can pass the 20/20 eye chart test and still have Convergence Insufficiency. Scientific research done by the National Eye Institute and Mayo Clinic have proven that in-office Vision Therapy is the best treatment for Convergence Insufficiency.

•Amblyopia (lazy eye), Diplopia (double vision), and Strabismus (crossed-eyes, wandering eye, or eye turn)
These conditions can cause a reduction in vision if they are not treated correctly. Vision Therapy is an effective non-surgical treatment for these conditions to build new eye-coordination skills. If you child has been diagnosed with Amblyopia and your tired of patching, you now have another option. Dr. Porter uses an eye drop that dilates the pupil and blurs the image seen by the unaffected eye. By doing this it makes the lazy eye stronger without the sticky dark patch.

•Visual Rehabilitation
Vision can be compromised as a result of trauma to the nervous system. Vision Therapy and optical devices such as prisms can effectively treat the consequences of brain trauma including double vision.

Focused Eye Care for Children and Adults